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INSIGHT is a complete suite of products and technologies for clinical logistics. INSIGHT can be deployed as department-specific solutions on a surgical department, on an accidents & emergency (A&E) department, or on a patient ward.

INSIGHT combines these department specific solutions' unique ability to be tailored to the work- and patient flow at a specific department with the support for hospital-wide collaboration and centralized hosting.

The underlying platform provides a robust realtime platform supporting fast updates on patient flow across the entire system. The platform is open for integrations, based on open industry standards as HL7, CCOW, and IHE.

INSIGHT Department

INSIGHT Enterprise

INSIGHT platforms

INSIGHT product features

  • Optimization of patient flow
  • Optimization of daily staff allocation
  • Optimization of OR utilization
  • Optimization of examination room utilization
  • Real-time visualization of status and plans
  • Efficient communication and coordination
  • Bed management in patient wards
  • Flexible template-based configuration
  • Service calls
  • On-screen tailorability
  • Supports interactive displays, mobile and web
  • Integration to patient administrative systems
  • Integration to clinical systems
  • Integration to telephony and messaging
  • Integration to patient call systems
  • Centralized 2-center hosting and operation


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