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INSIGHT Patient Ward

INSIGHT Patient Ward supports the coordination of day-to-day hospital activities at ward levels. It provides nurses and other staff with an overview of admitted patients, activities, scheduled arrivals, and available beds.

The solution uses large interactive whiteboards with real-time updates on status information. This means all personnel have an up-to-date overview of the flow of all patients and information about the individual patients, which makes effective planning easy. Automatic text messages improve overall communication and efficiency within the department.

Like the rest of the INSIGHT products, Patient Ward is closely integrated with other administrative and clinical systems used in a hospital, such as the hospital, laboratory, or radiology systems. The system also supports real-time location tracking of staff and mobile equipment.

Product Features

  • Provides a full overview of available beds
  • Gives real-time status information on each patient and their treatment
  • Provides overview of each staff member’s tasks, responsibilities and workload
  • Allows for easy prioritisation of patients, resources and activities
  • Supports easy communication via text messages and a chat function
  • Collects and collates patient and process data automatically

Clinical Benefits

  • Increase in patient flow in the ward
  • Shorter turn-around time in patient management
  • Efficient bed mangement
  • Efficient communication with porters and other clinical staff
  • Improving patient safety
  • Reduction of stress, interruptions, and noisy calls
  • Better location of people


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