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The overall architecture for INSIGHT is shown above and consists of the following main components:

  • Touchscreen clients – interactive and configurable graphical clients designed to run on large interactive (touch-based) displays in all sizes from 7" to 60" screens. The clients are based on Microsoft .NET technology.
  • Anywhere – configurable web clients designed to run on mobile units (iPads, mobile phones) as well as in standard web browsers. Based on HTML5 standards.
  • Add-on modules – different specific modules tailored to different clinical departments, including support for video spaces for facility and room surveillance; indoor location tracking of staff and equipment; and waiting room displays in the waiting areas of an A&E department.
  • Cetrea Infrastructure Server [CIS] – an event-based infrastructure that supports real-time overview, communication, and event propagation. Runs as a Java-based application server.
  • Cetrea Integration Bus [CIB] – a message-based integration engine responsible for all integration to the INSIGHT system. Provides a wide range of HL7-based interfaces and runs a set of custom-designed integrations to 3rd party systems. Runs as part of the infrastructure based on Java/JMS technology.
  • Integrations is a set of interfaces and integration for the platform.

Innovative technology

INSIGHT is continuously developed in close collaboration with researchers and clinical staff to turn new technology into innovative solutions.

INSIGHT continues the unique user interaction design of the products. The clinical packages and components all apply the so-called "Whitecoat" look-and-feel, which gives a fast and intuitive user inter-face experience. Well-designed user-interfaces saves time, leads to fever errors, and in general provide a better working environment.

By using tomorrow's technology now all public displays are designed for touch-based interaction, including the large interactive screens, as well as the tablet and mobile phone interfaces. The web-based clients (INSIGHT Anywhere) are designed using HTML5 and a stateless REST-based interface. Furthermore, INSIGHT is one of the few healthcare systems that make active use of indoor location tracking technology. By integrating to real-time location tracking (RTLT) technology, clinicians are able to see the location of staff and mobile equipment on the Cetrea public displays.

On the systems level, INSIGHT is an event-based infrastructure, which ensures that important and time-critical events are propagated safely and timely across the distributed system in real-time. This means that all displays are constantly updated, which again leads to fever errors and time saving in time-critical clinical work.

Types of INSIGHT installations

INSIGHT comes in 3 typical installations, targeting the size of the clinical setting

  • INSIGHT Entry – Department-specific system setup for e.g. a surgical department or an A&E department.
  • INSIGHT Mid-range – Clinical logistics system for an entire hospital, which supports efficient patient flow across departments.
  • INSIGHT Enterprise – A large-scale deployment supporting centralized and robust hosing, integration, and execution.

The following table shows what features, the different editions of the Cetrea Infrastructure Server (CIS) supports.

Max. no. CLD clients 70 200 1,000
Max. no. Anywhere clients 100 400 2,000
Max. no. CIB integrations 3 4 10
Max. no. web-backup clients 3 20 200
Postgres SQL DB
Ubuntu Linux
Data Exporter
Template-based configuration
MPI HL7 interface
Redhat Linux
PAS HL7 interface
CIS runtime monitoring
LDAP integration
IHE profiles
Replicated 2-center hosting/operations


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