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INSIGHT Surgical is a "Peri-operative Coordination and Communication System" (PoCCS), which optimizes coordination and complex cooperation related to the execution of surgeries in a hospital. The system is designed to streamline the complex work situations in operating rooms, where changes in the OR programme and surgical teams often occur, and often at short notice.

INSIGHT Surgical has improved our working environment drastically. The work has become less stressful and we have increased the number of operated patients per day.

– Marie-Louise Ulsøe, Head Nurse.

There is clinical evidence supporting that INSIGHT Surgical improves the overview of all employees involved in the work in a surgical ward and thus optimizes communication and coordination in the daily workflows. INSIGHT Surgical is based on the underlying INSIGHT technologies supporting large interactive displays, smartphones, real-time location tracking of staff, and video streaming.

Product Features

  • Overview of scheduled operations, resources, and patients in all ORs
  • Accurate and real-time information about operations and patients
  • Overview at cooperating departments - eg patient wards, recovery and emergency
  • Voice and text communication
  • Live video from operating rooms and other central places
  • Overview of the surgical staff
  • Localization of staff members in real time
  • Management of acute and cancelled operations
  • Flexible planning daily surgeries
  • Integration mobile units used in the hospital

Quantitative Results

  • The utilization of operating rooms using INSIGHT Surgical is 15% higher compared to operating rooms not using the system
  • The likelihood of canceling an operation is reduced to 33%
  • The likelihood for starting the operation as scheduled increased by 50%

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Qualitative Results

  • 87% thinks the technology provides a better overview
  • 65% experience fewer interruptions

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