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INSIGHT Emergency presents a real-time overview of the current status patients and work flow in Accidents & Emergency (A&E) departments. This unique software module helps ensure effective communication and coordination, resulting in a high level of treatment quality and patient safety, combined with a more efficient flow of acute cases.

Using INSIGHT Emergency means less time is wasted on communication, delays and interruptions. As a result, it is possible to treat more patients as well as to provide better quality of treatment.

The Emergency set-up has had an incredible effect on our overview. We are saving time and improving the quality of our treatment.

– Ove Gaardboe, Chief Physician.

INSIGHT Emergency presents a full overview of resources accross the hospital, which makes it easy to maintain an effective emergency department. The solution ensures effective communication and coordination between departments, resulting in a safe, effective flow of patients through the A&E department and onwards. Furthermore INSIGHT presents an overview of scheduled arrivals, waiting time and treatment processes.

Product features

  • Provides an overview of incoming and waiting patients
  • Gives an overview of staff on duty and their assignments
  • „Provides an overview of status on individual patients and their treatment
  • Shows an overview of resources available in the department, e.g. available beds
  • Supports cooperation and communication between the A&E and other departments
  • Provides an overview of incoming patient from e.g. ambulances
  • Supports integration to other systems such as radiology and laboratory systems

Emperical Evidence

  • 19% increase in productivity
  • 6,400 hours saved, equivalent to 4 full time equivalent employees
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in 2 years
  • Improved patient safety
  • Better overview of patient flows
  • Reduction of stress, interruptions, and noisy calls
  • Better management information
  • Better location of people



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