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INSIGHT Enterprise supports efficient patient flows across department and clinical specialties and is designed to increase patient throughput, to ensure efficient coordination and communication, and to improve quality of clinical work.

In INSIGHT, department-specific packages can be extended and put together as a enterprise solution. This integrated solution offers a set of additional feature for hospital-wide collaboration, communication, and patient flow management.

Our high productivity is a result of a significant and outstanding effort from our skilled staff. But it also reflects the fact that this hospital now for a number of years have been investing in the development and use of new technology, including systems for Clinical Logistics. These systems helps doctors and nurses to work efficiently across departments, thereby increasing the utilzation of our examination and treatment facilities.

– Lisbeth Holsteen Jessen, CEO of Horsens Hospital, in a press release related to the fact that the hospital is 9% more effective compared to other Danish hospitals.

Product features

  • Coordination and transfer of patients between departments
  • Requisition of porters and other service staff
  • Integration to telephony and messaging services
  • Hospital-wide overview of vacant patient beds, ensuring better bed management and utilization
  • Optimizing patient flow between patient wards and treatment departments, like general surgery or radiology
  • Template-based configuration of screens for consistent hospital-wide deployment

Hospital References

  • Regional Hospital of Horsens. A complete INSIGHT installation, covering the emergency department, general surgery with 13 operating rooms, day-surgery center w. 6 operating rooms, the sterile department, and 4 patient wards.

  • Kolding Hospital. A complete installation covering the whole hospital, including 3 emergency departments (incl. one specialized for children), 3 surgical department and several patient ward installations.

  • Regional Hospital of Viborg. A complete INSIGHT Surgical installation covering all surgical departments and their operating rooms. In total 25 operating rooms are covered with coordination to patient wards in 4 different surgical specialities.


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