Fewer bed days, increased number of discharges and increased patient safety are just some of the results the Regional Psychiatry in Horsens has achieved with Cetrea.

Quick results

Not even a year. This is how short a time the Regional Psychiatry in Horsens has had Cetrea’s system implemented in daily operations. And this is how fast they have achieved a vast number of good results. All of the results have ben documented by The Central Denmark Region in their evaluation, that was also presented at a healthcare IT convention in october 2014.

Part of the results achieved are related to productivity and effectiveness:

  • The average length of stay has decreased by 10% in the Regional Psychiatry in Horsens. In the same period, the average length of stay in other psychiatric hospitals in Central Denmark Region has decreased by 4%.
  • The number of discharges in the Regional Psychiatry in Horsens increased by 23%. In the same period, the number of discharges in other psychiatric hospitals in Central Denmark Region increased by 3%.
  • The hard facts are in conjunction with the results of a survey where 69% of employees found that Cetrea had helped them to utilize resources better and have a more efficient work flow.

Other results have been obtained on more qualitative parameters:

  • Patient safety has increased. For example is the share of patients recieving mandatory post-cohersion-interviews increased from 35% to 78% by using Cetrea.
  • At the same time the number of adverse incidents decreased from an average of 25 to 18.

Psychiatric and somatic hospitals have several things in common

The gains the Regional Psychiatry in Horsens expected from implementing Cetrea was based on Central Denmark’s experiences from implementing Cetrea in somatic departments. Expectations were that Cetrea would contribute to increased overview and transparancy and provide better means for communication and coordination. All in turn making for more coherent and efficient patient quality.

Improvements with Cetrea, has proven to be just as significant in psychiatric as in somatic hospitals.

In the Regional Psychiatry in Horsens a survey found that 74% of persponalet think that the overview of patients in the department is better than before the introduction of Clinical Logistics. 88% said that the overview of the individual patient flow is better. 76% of staff thinks that Cetrae has improved overall visibility of the collective tasks of the department. This corresponds well wilt the results hown in somatic departments and documented in a medical Technology Assessment.

Somatic and psychiatric departments have the good results in common.