Cetrea sets unofficial Finnish record within the field of Healthcare IT

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Cetrea and Systematic have effectively implemented Columna Clinical Logistics in the Emergency Department at Vaasa Central Hospital (Finland). The implementation was complete and the system fully up and running only two months after signing the contract.

Vaasa Central Hospital and Systematic signed the contract in October 2013 and in December the system was in daily operation. Vaasa Central Hospital is the first hospital in Finland to implement Columna Clinical Logistics, and the Emergency Department already experiences clear benefits and improvements through the use of the solution.

Effective implementation

Cetrea’s solutions, which are marketed by Systematic under the name Columna Clinical Logistics, were implemented in the Emergency Department at Vaasa Central Hospital only two months after signing the contract.

This implementation is probably the fastest Healthcare IT implementation ever completed in Finland. It is an impressive achievement that the system was implemented in just two months, and set in daily operation in only half a day. This and the fact that the system is intuitive to use, has given the staff the possibility to see early results from a very efficient installation and implementation.

“The implementation and roll-out went very well and we were able to avoid delays. The system does not require much training, so the clinical staff were able to start using the new system almost right away”

Mika Kangasmäki, Super user of the system.

The implementation also included integrations to the Patient Administrative System and to the Radiology system. In January the integrations will also include laboratory system. These integrations secures that all relevant information about the patient is available at a single glance.

“Already after using the system for only a couple of days, we can see that the system supports our daily work at the emergency unit significantly”

Department Nurse, Emergency Department, Tanja Roivainen.

Cetrea focuses on the specific needs of the customer

During the two months of implementation, Systematic and Cetrea by project manager Christian Kalsen held two clinical workshops in cooperation with Vaasa Central Hospital. The focus of the workshops was on the workflows of the Emergency Department and how to make the system configurations support these workflows most efficiently.

“During the workshops we went through our work processes and specific needs and the system was then configured based on that input. The system feels like it is ours now, supporting the needs that we have. For example, a patient’s arrival and assignment to bed is now straightforward, with no extra time consumed for consulting and coordinating with colleagues”

Department Nurse, Emergency Department, Tanja Roivainen.

Implementation also included training of super users. The end users did not require specific training, but merely a 15-minute introduction before being able to use the system. This is remarkable and is due to Cetrea’s uniquely intuitive user interface.

Vaasa Central Hospital is a part of the Botnia-Atlantica Programme

Vaasa Central Hospital is taking part in the Botnia – Atlantica Programme, which is a co-operation based programme for the co-funding of projects within Botnia-Atlantica area. The project specifically supports the development of innovative projects to strengthen innovation and technology.

Among these the A-SIM, a simulation project for the Emergency departments supported by the Botnia Atlantic Programme.

Planning manager Pia Wik from Vaasa Central Hospital sees Columna Clinical Logistics’ advanced reporting tool as essential in making it possible for the hospital to report different times of the patient flow. This is useful in daily planning, but will also be able to provide input to the simulator development project (A-SIM), that Vaasa Central Hospital takes part in together with Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, Akut- och katastrofmedicinskt centrum from Umeå.

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